Monday, May 14, 2012

Cars need water...just like me

Have you ever heard of a car that consumes more water than gas? After 2 accidents and 3 different cars, please say hello to the "Silver Bullet":

You may be thinking, "John, what happened to your old car?" Well..

...No longer will I have random strangers walking up to me to ask if I love dogs (the RUF actually stood for Reformed University Fellowship)
a campus ministry at PSU.

Back to the silver bullet- A few weeks ago I got rear-ended while sitting at a traffic light, my life became a bit more complicated. Questions arose in my mind like: Why now, when I am only gonna be in Philly for another two m onths? How am I ever gonna be able to manage an already crazy schedule without a means of transportation? Am I gonna have to ask people for rides all the time? I ask people for too much already! I was blessed last week by a family friend who had an extra car sitting around that I could use. The only thing is that the car tends to overheat, so when I drive more than 15 miles or so I need to make sure that I've filled up the engine coolant or I risk a meltdown. Fitting, that yet another experience in my life would draw a metaphor for how the gospel of Jesus speaks to me. Allow me to explain:

Why write about my car journey? Well. like the car, I can go for a time on my own strength, but will inevitably end up overheating. I repeatedly choose the temporary fix for my problems (like filling the coolant tank, just to last another 15 miles) so that I don't have to deal with what really needs to be fixed about me, more than I even know! So I try to chug through the problems, hoping that they'll go away... but I can't, and it very quickly drains my energy, passion, and joy. But that's the beautiful thing about Jesus. He's like the best mechanic in the world: he knows whats wrong, knows how to fix me (think along the lines of an installation of Mr.Fusion from Back to the Future Part:2), and when the bill comes up as more than I could ever pay he tells me its on the house. I think I would probably need to draw at least a couple more ridiculous examples before this metaphor would be complete, I'll just leave it at that because you get hopefully get the gist :)

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